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Hello everyone.  I have been developing for iPhone OS for 16 days and enjoyed every minute.  Prior to that, I had very little experience programming - one semester learning C++ in college.  Thanks to Apple's developer resources I have been able to learn very quickly.  Thanks, Apple!

My newest app was submitted to Apple less than 20 minutes ago - it might take a few days to get through the approval process.  Believe it or not, it took me just 4 hours to build the app from initial conception to final build - that's because it is a very simple (but, if you'll forgive me, ingenious) game concept.  Each person start with 2 minutes on the clock.  Their clock runs down during their own turn, during the next turn after their turn (to avoid the game devolving into keep-away) and any time their switch is turned to 'ON'.

When your turn comes up you can either flip a switch (flip your own switch off to stop your timer, or flip someone else's switch on to start their timer) or link your switch to someone else's.  After linking your switch, anytime your switch gets flipped, the linked switch also gets flipped (and vice versa).

All told you are forced to make some difficult strategic decisions about how to propel yourself to the top without angering your opponents.  It's an exciting, simple yet provocative game concept and I hope you will enjoy it.

This is my original game concept - if you want to develop a version for another platform please contact me first.  Thanks!

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