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Want to get a free copy of one of my iPhone Apps?  No problem!  I earn a commission when you shop at Amazon using one of my affiliate links.

Therefore, if you click on the Amazon ad to the right and buy $25 or more of merchandise, then send me the receipt, I will send you instructions on getting one free copy of the iPhone App of your choice (subject to availability).  Note it may take a day or two for me to receive and confirm the validity of your request.

Please do not abuse this offer.  For example, please do not order goods just to receive the free app with the intention of returning the Amazon goods.  Not only do I receive no commission if you return the merchandise, if it happens too much I will likely be terminated from the program.

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About "Number fill in plus: Number fill-in puzzles" Let me know when Are you goin to create the same. but with words. "Fill in"
You have to fill in with words no with numbers.



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