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I have recently published a puzzle game called Get Squared, and an iPhone/iPod Touch version of the same game called Get Squared Jr.  This is a puzzle game based on a 9x9 grid broken into nine 3x3 blocks.  Visually it is reminiscent of a Sudoku board.

The game proceeds by giving you a 3 bit piece (a |, an L, an upside down L, a reverse L or a reverse upside down L) in the center block.  The piece will move "down".  That is to say, it will move toward the ground.  Therefore, to change the direction in which the piece will fall, you simply turn the device.  When it runs into an obstacle (the bottom of the screen or another piece) it stops.  Each time you place a piece, you gain points.

The primary goal is to put together a square (or donut).  The key thing is you want to avoid filling in the center bit of a block.  When you create a square, it will disappear, but if the center bit is filled, it will NOT disappear.  If you end up with too many filled center bits, the game becomes very difficult.  Each time you create a square, you get points.

As the game proceeds, the difficulty will increase (the pieces fall faster) and the point values will increase.  The game ends when the center bit of the center block is filled, preventing a new piece from entering the field.

I have had a lot of fun developing and testing the game - in fact, it is the first game that I have made that I find myself a little addicted to.  I hope you will also enjoy it.  I am considering building an "Easy" version of the game with more pieces (2-bit | and - pieces and a 1-bit piece) and with a mechanism to clear out center bits.

If you have a comment, request or complaint please use the form below.  Note that any suggestions you make may be considered for inclusion in a future version of the app, or in a future unrelated app, without acknowledgment or compensation.

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